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Gramer Bari

Gramer Bari, Jhargram eco resort is a popular tourist spot in West Bengal, It is within 200 km from Kolkata, making it an attractive destination. also know as best hotel to stay at jhargram, nearby belpahari vally. The town offers lush forests, historic temples, and a majestic raj palace.

from 1450.00 /night


Bonolina Hotel And Restaurant

Jhargram is a district in the state of West Bengal, India. Jhargram offers the most exotic undulating topography culminating in hill ranges of Belpahari, Kankrajhor in the North to the serene and meandering Subarnarekha River in the South. It is a paradise for nature lovers with bountiful forests of sal, teak, peasal and mahul, wild elephants, deer and birds in its vicinity. You can visit Jhargram Raj Palace, Zoological Garden, Kanak Durga Mandir, Sabitri Temple, Hatibari, Ketki Falls, Tribal Museum from here as well as Belpahari, Ghagra Falls, Kakrajhor, Jhilli Lake.

from 1500.00 /night


Bonani Homestay

Our home block NAYAGRAM is now literally a new viz, revitalized and upgraded gram i.e. village.It will not be exaggeration to say that Nayagram is ready now in each and every respect to welcome the visitors with the splendid scenery of Sundori Subarnarekha, serenity and quietude of Kaluasnar, tranquility and contemplative calmness of Tapoban, holiness and scenic grandeur of the Rameswar temple, the unique Sahasralinga temple, JANGALKANYA SETU with its majestic and mesmerizing beauty and historically enriched Chandrarekha Garh . The Dahi Prakriti Udyan, a time as well as place befitting initiative of Nayagram Panchayat samity, with its aesthetic uniqueness and spicy variety, is mind blowing and ready to give you hearty and warm welcome at the doorstep of Nayagram . The Mogolmari Bouddha Bihar, Kurumbera Fort, and Pakhiralaya are also ready to mitigate the thirst of your senses. So get ready, come and enjoy the passing of time in different ways. As for example, you may enjoy some time in a tent on the sands at any solitary corner of Sundori Subarnarekha under the caressing ,comfortable and healing sunlight of winter, watch at some point the zigzag flow of Subarnarekha as if she is enjoying her cat walking style, listen the sweet melody and soothing breeze there while enjoying mouth watering dishes with your near and dear ones. We have wide open space free from air & sound pollution to let you dive deep into the bottom of your heart to feel the silence and cosmic energy within to get the much craved for result/success in your personal as well as professional Life. Above all the invigorating atmosphere prevails there will buoy you up and serve the purpose of natural tranquilizer. So all adventurous, honeymooners, nature lovers , religious and weekend tourists are invited to our place.

from 1500.00 /night


Nandini Homestay

Do you love to spend few days in the lap of nature? Come to Jhargram and stay at Nandinis Nature Homestay.Jhargram is the paradise for nature lovers with bountiful forest of Sal,Mahul,Piyal, wild elephant,deer and birds.Nandinis Nature Homestay is the best guest house/Homestay to enjoy a perfect weekend trip here.

from 1700.00 /night