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Buxa Jayanti

Jayanti River View Homestay

Jayanti is a lovely woodland settlement on the outskirts of the Buxa forest. The hills on the eastern side of the river and the little settlement on the western side of the river are both called after the river and are located along the Jayanti River, which creates a natural boundary with the Bhutan highlands. Jayanti is known as the "Queen of Dooars" because to its tranquil atmosphere and picturesque views. This wooded community is around 30 kilometres from Alipurduar.

from 1400.00 /night

Buxa Jayanti

Raimatang Moutain view

Do you want to escape the din of city life?Come to Rimatang Mountain View Homestay.Raimatang is a small village inside the forest in Western Buxa,Dooars area of West Bengal.It is beauty lies in its mix of river, forest,hill and tea garden.We provides authentic homely experience with fooding,lodging and heart warming hospitality.

from 2000.00 /night

Buxa Jayanti

Rava Blue Homestay

Kodalbasti village virgin tourist destination which is located in Alipurduar district of West Bengal.It is part of Chilapata Forest. Chilapata is the home of elephants, one horned rhino, bison, lepards and wild pigs.Rava Blue Homestay is best homestay in Kodalbasti and highly enjoyable place for the touris. We provide homely accomodation to guest

from 2600.00 /night