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Samsuhang Homestay

In front of majestic Mt Kanchenjunga Himalayan range there is a small village called Kolakham, the actual name is Kolbong Busty, Lingsaykha. Welcome to Kolakham to stay at Samsuhang Homestay.If you are planning to visit Kolakham,Lava,Kalimpong here is a unique homestay which is totally made up of pinewood. You are most welcome to see Mt Kanchenjunga and its range,vast green forest and its natural beauty from a vergin tourist place Samsuhang Homestay. We have built a new aesthetically pleasing cottage having to specious room with attached bath and toilet in cottage. Samsuhang Homestay very near by Lava, Rishyap and Lolegaon.

from 3900.00 /night