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Hornbillnest Homestay

Latpanchar, Hornbillnest homestay situated at Upper Sittong, it is a great place for bird watching. The 270-degree view from the homestays offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys, making it easy to spot a variety of bird species.

from 1200.00 /night


Ashray Homestay Latpanchar

Latpanchar - Breathtaking Hidden Beauty of East Himalaya in West Bengal,Latpanchar is a small tranquil village, the place is famously known as a Bird Watcher’s Heaven and the reason for that's Latpanchar along has more than 200 diverse species of birds for bird watchers and tourists to see. Tourists should bring binoculars if possible to obtain the greatest views of the Spotted Eagle and Rufous Necked Hornbill flying above and nestling amid the trees. If you enjoy bird watching, visiting Latpanchar will provide you with an entirely new experience.

from 1400.00 /night