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Mayrong Gaon

Basnet Homestay

Basnet Homestay is located at a small Lepcha village in Mayrong Goan of Kalimpong District.It is just 26 km away from Kalimpong bus stopand distance from Algarah 7km. You will be surprised when you reach this village,so many orchids,hilly flowers,colorful butterflies misty mountain will welcome you. In this village every family has got Large Cardamom(Elachi) Farm in front of their house.

from 1250.00 /night

Mayrong Gaon

Lotus born homestay

Lotus Born Homestay located amidst the green forests of Mairung forest village in Kalimpong.Its a great place to feel the natural beauty of Himalayas, with the scenic beauty of Nathula belts.

from 2400.00 /night