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Hills Queen Pedong

This homestay in Pedong is situated 3 Kms before the heart of the town and is therefore secluded from all the noise and the hustle bustle of the city. On one side is the Damsang forest and the other side lies the valley. In the front of the house is an open space where you can sit and enjoy nature or do bonfire at night.

from 1350.00 /night


Newa Holiday Home

Newa Holiday Home is located at a small village Dalep Goau under Pedong in kalimpong (4070ft)  with an excellent view and beautiful cozy room, at affordable rates with great hospitality. It is close to all available tourist spots and the surrounding area is very peaceful.The home, away from the bustling crowd is along the Reshi Road, that connects with Nathula Border via Rhenock, Rongli, Zuluk, and Kupup of Sikkim.

from 2000.00 /night