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Sinkawli Homestay

Takdah's original name was pronounced 'Tukdah,' a Lepcha term that means mist or fog. And the name is suitable, as the area is frequently shrouded in fog. Takdah began as a military cantonment during the early days of British colonial rule in the early 1900s. Many prominent British officers visited this location on a regular basis back then. As a result, many bungalows and homes sprouted up here to serve as lodging. Those houses were constructed in classic British style, with slanted roofs. Nearest tourist spot Rungli Tea Garden, Orchid Center, Takdah Monastery, Heritage Bridge, Tinchuley Sunrise Point, Lamahatta Village.

from 1300.00 /night


Takdah Homestay

Takdah Cantonment is a settlement located in Darjeeling district, West Bengal, India. It is one of the upcoming tourist centres of the Darjeeling hills. It is called Takdah, which literary means always covered, in one of the local folk-lore, as you would know when you visit the fog: you will never miss. 

from 2200.00 /night


Shiwani Homestay Takdah

Takdah is one of the upcoming tourist centres of the Darjeeling hills.In comparison to its surrounding, the town is on a higher altitude giving way to cedar trees and is much colder than the towns surrounding it.The nearest tea gardens are Rungli, Giele and Teesta Valley tea gardens. The main junction of Takdah is called Dara Dokan. A weekly market, held every Thursday, is a sight worth watching as people from all the nearby villages come to shop their weekly needs. The town of Darjeeling is 30 km away and Takdah is well connected with Darjeeling with buses and jeeps plying constantly. 

from 2400.00 /night