Chuikhim Pabitra Homestay

Pabitra Homestay Chuikhim

Pabitra Homestay Chuikhim

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Chuikhim is a modest rural hillside hamlet in West Bengal's Kalimpong district with nice folks willing to greet you and show you the hidden gems that mother nature has stored around them and that they are guarding very carefully. If you enjoy exploring and walking in the woods, surrounded by secret creeks and soaring waterfalls as in the movies, look no farther than Chuikhim in North Bengal. Chuikhim is remarkable to botanists and researchers because of the diversity of butterfly-moths and the mix of diverse plant types. This modest hillside hamlet's natural beauty will fill your spirit. Hillslopes and lush forest surround the area. The breathtaking sunrise and sunset views will take your breath away. Birdsong, wonderful butterflies' kisses, the sound of a running river from the hillside, and great caring people all combine to make this a dreamy location.


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Chuikhim is a small village on the Kalimpong hills that takes around 3 and a half hours to get from either Siliguri or New Mal Junction station. Siliguri is 52 kilometres away, whereas New Mall is 45 kilometres away. Take a left before four and a half kilometres of Othalabari and travel for two and a half kilometres to reach Bagrakot Higher Secondary School from Siliguri (Bagrakot). Take a right turn from Bagrakot Higher Secondary School and go through the deep bush to Chuikhim.Chuikhim is Hidden by the valleys of Kalimpong and the fog of the Himalayas, Chuikhim is an unknown gem in North Bengal that boasts of an adrenaline-filled adventure strewn with Mountain view, Sunrise and Sunset, Trekking, Mountain view, Bird and Butterfly watching, waterfalls, deep jungles, a paradise for Butterfly lovers, Village Hiking. Chuikhim is famous for bird watching, butterfly and moth observing, camping, trekking, and cinematic dense forests, and has rapidly gained popularity among adventurers, nature lovers, students, and researchers. That's the main reason.

Standard Double Bed
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Standard Double Bed

Max Occupancy: 2 adults

  • INR 1200 per head.
  • Including breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner

1200.00Per Head

Only 2 left

Standard Four bed
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Standard Four bed

Max Occupancy: 4 adults

  • INR 1200 per head.
  • Including breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, dinner

1200.00Per Head

Only 4 left

  1. Bidhyang, Charkhole, Gorubathan, Icche Gaon, Jhandi Dara, Kolakham, Lava, Lingsay, Lolegaon, Neora Valley, Pabong, Pedong, Ramdhura, Rikisum, Rishyap, illery Gaon, Yelbong.
  2. Bird watching.
  3. Butterflies and Moths Watching.
  4. Camping.
  5. Forrest Hike.
  6. Mountain View.
  7. Trek or explore other hidden places in Chuikhim .
  8. Night Walk along the Hillslopes .
  9. Forest healing walk.
  10. Make a campfire at the Hill Forest with some music.
  11. Chuikhim is a piece of paradise for nature lovers. Don’t forget to observe them and take some snaps. A perfect place to explore your photographic skills.
  12. You can visit offbeat Hidden waterfalls.
  13. Make local friends, play with native boys.
  14. Walk around Chuikhim village to observe the simplicity of life.
  15. Meditaion.
  16. Story telling

The homely atmosphere in the green hill close to nature
Free Parking Attached Toilet
Hot water Vehicle on Hire
Room service Camp Fire and barbeque
Pick up and Drop
Many kinds of Himalayan Birds found in Chuikhim

Nearest railway station
New Jalpaiguri approx ( 52 km), New Mal jn approx ( 45 km) then hire a car to reach Pabitra homestay Chuikhim .
Connected By road
Siliguri approx (52 km), New Jalpaiguri or NJP approx (52 km )
Nearest airport
Bagdogra ( 62 km)
You can reach Pabitra homestay Chuikhim in generally 3 and half hours from either Siliguri or New Mal Junction station. Distance from Siliguri and New Mall is 52 and 45 km respectively.

Check-in time is 12:00 PM and Check-out time is the next day 11:00 AM

  1. Voter Card / Adhaar Card/ Photo Identity Proof. for every individual
  2. Local IDs are not allowed.

You can visit any time of the year. Avoid rainy season( last week of May to 2nd of August.)The weather here is cooler. During the summer months of April – June the weather is comfortably warm.

Tea, Luchi/Parotha with sabji.
Rice, Dal, Sabji, Egg Curry Or Similar
Evening Snacks
Tea, French fries / Aloo vaja/ Onion Pokora/ Similar
Rice/ Roti, Dal, Sabji, traditional Food, Chicken curry Or Similar

  1. Verditer Flycatcher, Green Backed Tit, Leaf Bird, Himalayan Bulbul, Streaked Spider catcher, Scarlet Minivet, Laughing Thrush, Fullvetta, Honey Buzzard,Steppe Eagle,Babblers, Tit, Plumbius Water Redstart, White Capped, Water Redstart, Himalayan Monal,Blood Pheasant, Khaliz Pheasant, Snow Pheasant, Rusty Sparrow, Fire Tailed,, Sunbird, Olive Backed Pipit, Blue Fronted Redstart,Wrens

  1. Children above 5 yrs full charge.
  2. Children 2 - 5 yrs half charge.
  3. Cancellation policy : You can cancel now and stay some another date ( Its subject to availability ).

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