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Pubali Homestay

​Do you love to spend few days into the land of Rangamati and Palash full Santiniketan is famous for Rabindranath Thakur.The prime attraction is Biswa Bharati Campus.There are many other places of interest in Shantiniketan like Kankalitala temple, Amar Kutir, Khoai boner hat, etc.Come to Bolpur Santinikaten and stay at Pubali Homestay.Pubali Homestay is the best guest house/Homestay to enjoy a perfect weekend trip here.

from 1800.00 /night


Raktokorobi Karugram

Enjoy a perfect weekend at Raktokorobi Karugram hotel in Bolpur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site just 160 kilometers from Kolkata. Bolpur is filled with cultural treasures like Tagore's house, The Santiniketan Museum, The Central Library, and Kala Bhavan, making it a vibrant hub of art and heritage. Explore The Udichi and The Santiniketan Ashram, and discover Bolpur as a captivating destination for cultural immersion and relaxation.

from 4000.00 /night