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Pabitra Homestay

Chuikhim is a small village on the Kalimpong hills that takes around 3 and a half hours to get from either Siliguri or New Mal Junction station. Siliguri is 52 kilometres away, whereas New Mall is 45 kilometres away. Take a left before four and a half kilometres of Othalabari and travel for two and a half kilometres to reach Bagrakot Higher Secondary School from Siliguri (Bagrakot). Take a right turn from Bagrakot Higher Secondary School and go through the deep bush to Chuikhim.Chuikhim is Hidden by the valleys of Kalimpong and the fog of the Himalayas, Chuikhim is an unknown gem in North Bengal that boasts of an adrenaline-filled adventure strewn with Mountain view, Sunrise and Sunset, Trekking, Mountain view, Bird and Butterfly watching, waterfalls, deep jungles, a paradise for Butterfly lovers, Village Hiking. Chuikhim is famous for bird watching, butterfly and moth observing, camping, trekking, and cinematic dense forests, and has rapidly gained popularity among adventurers, nature lovers, students, and researchers. That's the main reason.

from 1200.00 /night